Stampede Gelato is a craft gelateria producing the finest gelato possible, using the best ingredients we can access on a seasonal basis. We wholesale to supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, and we produce what we consider to be the worlds best ice-cream sandwiches! At the forefront of our business though, is our innovative and inspiring flavours.

Gelato being made


Our gelato is hand made fresh using ingredients local to the South-West of Western Australia. We use no hydrogenated or refined fats, and no harmful emulsifying agents. Our products contain much less sugar than what would be expected in ice creams because we believe that less sugar leaves you feeling better after a treat.
We produce naturally delicious gelato.

Ice cream truck


Our 1970 Ford G100 Military Vehicle Ice Cream Van is our pride and joy, and available for hire to weddings and private events. We purchased and restored this vehicle over 24 months and have fitted it out with a solar-powered 12V refrigeration system so we never have to have a generator on hand! This makes for a pleasant, emissions free scoop-environment.

Wooden ice cream cart


Our custom ice cream cart has been a popular little gem at many weddings and parties over the past 12 months. It too is 12V solar-powered, so it’s another guilt-free addition to the Stampede family.

Tub of gelato


We stock fine dining restaurants, local cafes, and your corner store. As well as this, some larger supermarkets also stock our product.
We offer:
-5/10 litre tubs,
-individual ice-cream sandwiches,
-500ml take home tubs.
We are always open to custom flavour requests

Gelato placed in herb bush


Stampede Gelato
1/1 James St, Fremantle
WA, Australia, 6160